Friday, 28 December 2012


As I sat here lying on my bed thinking about the year that just flew by. I cannot help but say that I have come so far from being where I want to be. I have yet to achieve but so far this has been a year where my faith. strength and abilities were tested to the max and I think overcoming many of these trials and errors is what makes me who I'am today and I'm glad every time i come out fighting a struggle makes me a  stronger person. My blog has given me a space for much needed room where I can write just about anything and im so grateful for all my followers.  

I hope that everyone have had a lovely Christmas. Iv had a quiet one with lots of food. Iv definitely grown up and the normal going out on boxing night and buying shit load of sales has taken the least interest in me. which is good lol. what have you guys been up to ? did you all grab a bargain on boxing day ? xxx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Chamo and benie again !

Tad bit late withe the chamo trend but I never thought that wearing these trousers would make me feel soo comfortable. I think i'm growing up as wearing those mini shorts that i use to love wearing is changing its perspective !or is it because this freaking country is so damn bloody cold. I'm not a trousers person at all but I'm pleasantly surprise with these Primark chamo trousers. What do you think of this look...?
Also dont forget to chek out these amazing dresses !! from House of fraser x

Monday, 26 November 2012

Let me tell you a story !

1. Karen Millen Baroque dress                                         2. Lipsy High Neck dress 

3.Karen Millen Mama Mia Dress                                   4. Warehouse Feather Dress

5. Glamorous Multi color Sequen dress                             6. Jane Norman Velour Cut out Dress

7. Glamorous Sheer Spot Dress                                           8. Ralph Lauren Silk Shirt Dress

9. Karen Millen Cut out Dress                          10. Moschino High Neck Printed dress

Most of you who has been reading my blog will know that it is very rare for me to work with people or websites, I do get a lot of emails from websites to collaborate or promote etc but for some reason I usually let it go over my head and never reply (shame on me) or too busy. oops! but when Stephanie from House Of Fraser contacted me to make a wish list I couldn't say no. Part of the fact that I'm in desperate look out for the perfect Xmas party wear and of course my Bday is just around the corner and Yes new years weheeyyy. I wanna share with you these amazing dresses I found  on their online store. 

House of Fraser  is not the typical place I would go for shopping online but after this little mission I had boy i would be visiting it ever so often. name it you will find it cheap or not. I guarantee you'll find what you need there. 
The First dress has the perfect  Baroque element that iv been looking for. Karen Miller's designs are soo elegant yet they have the perfect grunge twist which I love. Its perfect for my birthday so any volunteers ?? 

High necks are one of my current favorite switching from my love for collars.Hence why Dress Number 2 ahhh tell me how perfect it is ... Iv  never been a fan of lipsy dresses as they can be too flashy and tend to be on the tacky side but this had the perfect lace high collar. its a keeper and not one of those you wear once and throw away. 
Dress Number 3  defines the mature side of me. It has the perfect cut and silhouette will give me the perfect shape.  The name Victoria beckham rings a bell and yeah for once I could attempt to look like her in this dress. Perfect for weddings and xmas Dinner party and the radiant red color is oh so perfect! 
Back in 2003 when Roberto Cavalli created the feather dress I feel in love and i stilll am in love today which is why Dress number 4  landed its place. What a perfect dress for new years pairing it gold embellish statement earrings and hair up in a simple bun.. Oh I want to wear this so bad. 
 You can never ever go wrong with a sequenced dress I have a about 2 dresses in plain sequence but I think my wardrobe has room for a multi colored one hence why dress number 5 by Glamourous. I also discovered the brand Glamorous whilst making this little list.they are  soo affordable and yet soo many pretty dress Dress number 7 is also a Glamorous... totally adorable with the spotted mesh !! Mesh Mesh Mesh !! I love them .... in conjunction to Mesh Mesh Mesh Dress Number 6 by Jane Norman is another pinch of sauciness for one of those nights where cocktails and many more gets involved. 
Dress number 8 by Ralph Lauren is one of those perfect printed dress. I Love the fact that its a shirt dress. One of those i would wear on a weekend away in the country side, barbour jacket and a hat attending one of those parties with champagne and strawberries..Happs but rarely. Ahh what a life. My imaginations with these dresses can reach as far as the sky runs. 
Another Karen Millen Dress. whats not to like about this dress. . And Finally this Moschino dress  words cannot justify how much i love this. It takes me to the Kennedy era back to the sixties where twiggy was the fashion icon and a representative of women and not "Kim Kardashian"urrgggg. Listening to "the beatles" and not "take that" .... 
Shit i have blabbered for way too long but I hope my lovelies have enjoyed what youv seen. Visit House of Fraser for the dresses youll need for this season ! whats your favourite ?? dont forget to mention it xxxx